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x1 BamNut Noodles - Sweet Hot
x1 Charcoal Noodles - Mushroom Pepper
x1 Pumpkin Noodles - Cheeky Curry 

Made with the regenerative crop Bambara groundnut, wholesome and full of goodness!

Our patented air-fry technology preserves the natural colors of the pumpkin and its rich carotenoids and gives them a screaming orange appearance when served. Paired with our Cheeky Curry seasoning, experience a burst of bold flavors that will spice up your day.

  • 17g of protein
  • 52% less fat (*compared to leading instant noodles)
  • 3x more dietary fiber (*compared to leading instant noodles)
  • Air-fried

We Say No!

When it comes to unhealthy ingredients we find a better way. 

NO Artificial Colors
NO Palm Oil
NO Artificial Flavours

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dawn McCarthy
Great protein meal booster

These noodles are a great substitute fir animal protein. I enjoy them as a snacki or as a base for a meal. I often add to vegetable stirfry a with crispy tofu for a very satisfying meal

Tasty but not GF

got a bit excited and ordered a big pack on the recommendation of a workmate and after a quick Google.... they are really tasty, good texture and my 9 year old son particularly likes the mushroom one with the black noodles - impressed all his mates at school!
Unfortunately it took me about half a packet in to realize they were not gluten free as I assumed. Pretty disappointed but it's definitely my own fault for not reading thoroughly and concluding they were solely bamnut. A bonus is my son hasn't reacted to these at all, so we will probably finish the pack but sadly won't reorder.

Excellent stir-fry base

These noodles make an excellent base to your stir fry!

Our kids Love them

We tried these at the Go Green in Auckland and are back for more. :)